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in the morning. >> i thought we would get more rain showers in the afternoon and we got up to 70. most of us remained dry in the afternoon. it moved quickly through in the morning and things did not redevelop. that is good. let's take a look. we'll start with the satellite- radar composite and show you that there are some clouds out there this morning. i think we'll see partial sunshine during the morning hours so it won't be a bad start to the day way out to the west. nothing to us to worry about during the course of the day today. we could get precipitation late tonight. reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 53 degrees. relative humidity, 8 #%. the breeze -- relative forecast for today, partial sunshine this morning. increasing cloudien during the course of the day today. our average high for this date, 58 degrees. we are looking for a high of about 63 degrees. -- relative humidity, 83%. >> i have to say -- i don't want to say wrong. i was like boy, i love tony perkins. >> i know you've been running a lot lately, that is what it took month me to get out there. >> i put in my
as president obama works to assure americans there is no radiation risk in the u.s. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> we're going to get started at 6:00 thon friday as we look live over washington, d.c. this morning. it will be a nice one. temperatures already nice out there this mourn. it will be a great day. good morning, thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm sarah simmons. >>> i'm steve chenevey, thank you for being with us this friday morning. let's say good morning to tony perkins. >> good morning everybody. not a bad day on tap for us. let's take a look, get to it, your satellite-radar composite, no moisture or precipitation out there i should say. humidity levels 75, 76%. we do have clouds across the region this morning. i do think we will feature some clouds during the course of the day. will we see sunshine? yes, there will be clouds around as well. nothing in the way of precipitation for us during the day. off to the west you could see a little shower or two later on. temperature, i will pull this out for you. you can see the big picture, more clouds
it today. thank you for waking up with us. i'm sarah simmons. >> and steve is off today. i'm allison seymour. >> tony is on assignment today. >> a sweet assignment. >> he is at mix 107.3 just hanging out. what's going on? >> just hanging out. who is behind the mike right here doing the jack diamond show this week. this were kind enough to invite us along to spend the time with them. live studio audience. can't believe you got up this early to come to a radio show. look at this. you look more like me than i do. >> check this out. that is very funny. we'll have a ball here. brook is here. say hi to brook. we've got a lot of stuff going on. i'm told there are some surprises. we'll be simulcasting later on this morning. this is one of those mornings you can watch on tv and list ontario radio. mix 107.3. let's talk about the weather. carson is already giving me grief about it. many of you are in the 20s. here in the district, 32 degrees. 25 in frederick so a very cold start to the day. it will be a cool day. sunshine today, this morning, as opposed to the last few days when we've seen a
>>> a second hydrogen explosion in three days reported at a nuclear plant in japan. the u.s. now shifting offshore aid away from the area. meantime, the death toll is rying in the wake of the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated the nation. we have got the latest developments straight ahead. >>> sexual assault and murder inside a popular store in bethesda. the suspects are still on the loose. fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. >>> start you off with a view of the nation's capital this morning. it is monday morning, march 14. 38degrees at reagan national airport. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's get a check of weather with tucker barnes. he is here with more on what is a chilly start to the day but it will be a nice forecast for the rest of the week too. >> temperature-wise, this will be the cool one today and better and better from here. by the end of the week, spring is going to -- it will feel like spring around here. let's get right to the bus stop forecast. it will be cold for the kids or for you
warships and fighter planes hit radar and communications sites. the u.s. is leading the bombing but the defense secretary says they will turn control over it a coalition and ghadafi is promising a long fight. the u.s. was joined by british and french warplanes in last night's bombardment as well. workers have been evacuated from a japanese nuclear complex after gray smoke could be seen rising from one. the reactors. there are still signs that radiation is seeping through. the health ministry discovered more produce that contains elevated levels of radiation. japanese officials began spraying concrete on reactors today to contain the leaks. it is believed the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami will top 18,000. >>> in the meantime, there are more amazing stories of survival coming out of japan. here is another one. an 80-year-old woman and her teenaged grandson were found alive nine days after the earthquake and tsunami. the 16-year-old managed to dig himself out of the their flattened two story home and led rescuers to his grandmother who was having trouble walking. both
the changes that are coming starting tomorrow in just a little bit so stick with us for that. >> let's get a check of the roads with julie wright and metro traffic. how is it looking out there. >> not so bad right now. we do have an accident report ad long middle brook road at 118 up in germantown. some of the traffic is able to get by. 66 still in good shape coming in from fair oaks to this portion. 66 aappropriating business 4. no problems reported on the outer loop, college park around towards bethesda and the live shot out of germantown shows traffic flowing freely south of middle brook road headed past mva. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> three young churn are in protective services in virginia after they were neglected and locked inside a room. prince william county police charged christina moore and her boyfriend john robey for using drywall to prevent thee children ages four, two and two months old from getting out. the four-year-old was able to escape and get help. a neighbor rescued the other kids who police say were naked and in a room with feces and urine. >>
there for the rest of us. that is a big story this morning. the wind and cold here to stay. going to start with the bus stop forecast. lower 0s in the city. some 20s off to the north and west. mostly sunny and very windy. we've had winds gusting overnight 30 to 35 miles per hour. -- lower 20s in the city. there goes the snow shower activity. changed to snow across parts of the area here particularly north and west during the evening hours as that cold air rushed in on the brisk northwest winds and you can see it is out of here. i open it up a little bit and the main event is well to our north now into portions of new york. western new england getting some heavy snow and rain along the coast. that is out of here. windy conditions and seasonal temperatures will be near 50 later this afternoon. with the winds, it will feel chillier than that so bring along a jacket as you head out the door. >> good to know. thank you. >>> let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic. >> we have a combination after little bit of snow to deal with and some standing water and the wind. not an easy commute
. thank you for waking up with us this morning as we take a live look over washington, d.c. a little wet on the roadways out there as you head out today. thanks for waking up with us. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad to be along with you this morning. tony perkins with us as we try to dry things out today. >> we had some overnight rain, a couple more showers out there to the east. we'll see improvement through the course of the day although i think a lot of clouds will hang around. we'll show you how things are shaping up early this morning. you will see that the precipitation is off to the east now. each of our radars give us a slightly different image but most of that precipitation is now pushing out -- has pushed out of eastern maryland to look at this. offshore and up into the philadelphia area, and nothing going on around washington. current conditions being reported, 42 degrees at reagan national. relative humidity is up there at 96%. winds are oust northeast at seven miles per hour. forecast for today, lots of clouds around today. maybe a few rays of sun later but ou
calling for international assistance. look at all those cars there in the water with the boats. the u.s. ambassador in japan says the united states is ready to help. >> the pictures coming from there absolutely increedible. the big story for us here at home, the heavy rain that we had in the last 24 to 48 hours. here is a live look from canal road which is closed and it remains closed this morning as a result of flooding and mudslides in that area. we still have a lot of pooling waterlet over from the rain this morning. >> one lane now open heading into the city. one lane open on canal road. >> heavy rain and severe thunderstorm warnings last night and tornado warnings. most of the advisories are gone. we still have flood warnings for the rivers. much improved forecast for today. sunshine in the low to mid-50s for the first part of the day. >> that sounds good. >> a lot better. here is your radar are. rain shower activity, heavy rain off to the north and east. the coal are air filters in. a little snow there in west virginia. no worries here. we aren't going to get any snow. there could
in japan. it will charter flights to help u.s. citizens to escape there. the state department is also telling all americans living within 50 miles of the plant to evacuate. but japan has only ordered people within 20 miles to leavu.s. energy secretary says the crisis is more serious than the worst nuclear incident in u.s. history. >> events unfolding in japan incidents -- actually appear to be more serious than three mile island. to what extents we don't really know now. >> another difference between american and japanese officials here? the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says all the water in one of the cooling ponds is gone. but japan says that's not so. now concerns remain that radiation from japan could reach the u.s.. the forecast on tuesday by the united nations says the radioactive plume from the damaged reactors could reach southern california by late tomorrow. however, the "new york times" reports the path will probably change with shifting weather pattern and even at its worst would have a miniscule impact if any on people's health here in the u.s.. we are talking more a
a temperature of 28 degrees and our relative humidity is at 28%. winds coming to us out of the north at 13 miles per hour. the forecast for today, lots of sunshine. but your highs only in the upper 30s and low 40s. look for a high of 38 in frederick. 41 in washington. 4 # in fredericksburg. that is a look at the weather. we'll have more coming up in just a little bit. -- 43 in fredericksburg. >> let's get a check on the traffic with julie. >> crash on the inner loop of the beltway at old georgetowntown road just before you reach the exit there. only one lane to the late is able to get through and already the delays are forming here. this happens to be the inner loop of the beltway headed north from river road. it is going right up to the split. for 270, you stay to the left. if i want to stay to the right and head into bethesda, only one lane to the left will squeeze you by. delays are already starting to form on the beltway. let's continue with our next camera. this is 395 northbound at glebe road. traffic in the main line headed north up towards the 14th street bridge. stalled car tying up the
-- schools prompting action from the top. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm muir even umeh. let's got a check on your weather this wednesday morning. tony perkins joining us now with that. how are you? i'm doing okay. we've got a couple scattered showers down to our south this morning. that is about it as far as precipitation goes for the morning. we do expect to see more rain later on today. take the umbrella with you. let's start with hd radar and we'll show you what is happening across the region. not a lot. we have plenty of cloud cover out there. but as far as any precip goes, we are seeing just some light showers south of the city. now, there is a lot more rain off there south and west of our area across southwestern virginia, tennessee, portions of kentucky and all of that has got to make its way through here. closer to here, you see across southern islamorada now, eastern maryland and the chesapeake bay some showers there pushing eastward. so it will tax a little while for the rest of the rain to move in here. we expect that d
to know as fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> thanks for waking up with us on this thursday morning. this is what you are waking up to, quite a bit of rain out there and some fog although the temperature are pretty mild. it is thursday morning, march 10th, 2011. good morning, i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad to be with you this morning. we'll check in with tucker barnes right away because the weather is the big story this morning. >> the other story is tony always picks a good week to go on vacation. he knows when to slip out of town. we have a lot of rain falling ais contract area. it will be heavy at time during the course of the day. possibility of thunderstorms later this afternoon as well and there is a live look at your hd rod arrest. all night long, we've got what he with call training, just over and over again like train tracks, the heaviest rain has been following a path. now, pushing up into prince george's county, anne arundel county and new across the bay. we've got heavy rain just east of the bay and that will continue for the next several hours.
. >>> good morning. thank you for being with us early on this tuesday morning and for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. the latest out of japan this morning. dangerously high levels of radiation are leaking from a nuclear power plant in northeastern japan following an explosion and fire today. the plant was already damaged following last week's earthquake and tsunami. 140,000 people living near the fukushima dai-ichi planted are being told to stay indoors because of the risk of radiation exposure and officials say there is a risk of more leaks. as fears of nuclear fall outrise, japan's nikkei is falling sharply. more than 2,400 people are confirmed dead, killed in the quake and tsunami. officials say tens of thousands of people may have been swept out to sea. >>> we have set up a phone bank to make it easy to donate to organizations helping with recovery efforts in japan. we have a number of organizations represented this morning. can you call the number you see on your screen right now. we just opened the phone line. representatives are here fro
is warning that the one-day protest will likely turn into a five-day lockout. stacy cohan joins us live from outside the hospital. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. certainly five days off of the work is not what the union nurses had intended but it does appear they will move forward with the one-day walk outplan to start this morning. the picketers are scheduled to arrive here and begin picketing the hospital. they have a long list of complaint. it does include issues with pay and benefits and they are saying the issue is patient safety. we talked to several nurses. >> i've been at the hospital for three years and each of those years i have seen staffing deteriorate. staffing has been an issue. when we don't have enough staff, we can't give patients the best care. >> we want our nurses to be paid. we want them to be paid above market because we think they do hard work. we value our nurses but we believe that, if we take a look at the economics in the future, we can't continue to be 0 to -- 10 to 150% before the market. >>> there are over 1600 nurses here at the hospital that are repr
with a little help from our friends in the weather department. good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. tony perkins is here helping us out this morning on getting us through this one. shouldn't be too bad though. hopefully not until later in the day. >> this morning, some scattered showers. they've mainly been to the north, misty conditions. a moist morning and a cool morning for many of us with temperatures in the 40s. let's take a look at hd radar. we'll show you what is happening now. we do expect the situation to change a little bit this afternoon when there is certainly the possibility of some thunderstorms popping up. but we have none of that now. most of the region is not seeing rainfall at this moment. again, it is misty out there. there may be a touch of fog. but there are rain showers off in extreme northeastern maryland towards southern maryland and a few spots in western maryland as well. in d.c., we are not seeing rainfall right here, for example, inside the beltway. let's take a look at the temperatures
chenevey. temperature flirting with that freezing mark right now. tucker barnes is with us with the forecast. >> i'm only looking at the bright spot in today's forecast because our temperatures will be in the 50s and we have sunrise in a half hour. >> that sounds good. >> that was a beautiful shot. >> it should be a really nice start to the day. kids headed to the bus stop, it will be chilly. temperatures generally in the 20s and low 30s. right now at reagan national, 26 degrees. ocean city, 39 degrees. let's look at our radar together. there is nothing going on. we have very quiet conditions at this hour. later today, some clouds will move in. storm system developing to our west. it is a cold front. we'll watch areas of low pressure right along it. that will bring us messy weather starting tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night into the day on thursday. not going to look too good. my advice is enjoy today because the next couple of days will be straight downhill. we have a floodwatch that has been posted for much of the area starting tomorrow night. i'll show you that coming u
here in the u.s. >>> also this morning, police are searching for suspects after a pizza delivery man is found dead and hours later, a man is killed in a drive-by shooting not far from the scene of the first crime. fox 5 morn 5 -- fox 5 morning news continues right now. >> i'm allison seymour. steve isn't in today. >> i'm maureen umeh. i'm in not next week or two. just filling in. >> we want to get a check of the weather with tucker barnes and we talk about the chilly weather. tell the folks just waking up. >> good morning, allison. >> good morning. >> it is cold out there. temperature are in the 20s and 30s. d. definitely a jacket today. let's get to hd radar. a pretty good storm system cranking off to the south and west and bringing snow to parts of the area. we might see a flurry as far north as richmond and we'll get a little cloud cover. it won't be a perfectly sunny day today. it will be cool. our high temperatures later today only in the 40s. we should be near 60. right now, it is cold. 20s for most the area north and west of the city. 25 in frederick. 25 in hagerstown. last
tommy wells spoke with us yesterday and says the city needs to take immediate action. >> part of my concern is not just the expenditure of dollars that may not have needed to be he can pnded but also the financial record keeping. -- needed to be expended but also the financial record keeping. >>> the mayor is looking for a report from the bothered of trustees here on this matter. and also councilman chair kwame brown is also looking for some answers here. they plan to hold an oversight hearing and hope the udc president shows up to that. that is scheduled for march 8th. back to you. >> thank you. >>> and kwame brown will be to talk about this issue a little bit later on this morning. right now, we want to take a look at the other top stories. >>> newly introduced legislation could prevent future suv drama in the district. the mayor would be required to turn over a list of all the suvs leased every year. kwame brown will be here to answer questions about the suv scandal as well as talk about what is going on at udc. >>> another big story that we're following this morning. lawmakers
. not going to warm us up a whole lot. we'll top out around 50 degrees. i can show thought precipitation is long gone. that got out of here last night about 10:00 or so and we are left with clearing skies. they are mostly clear actually. there are some clouds in the northern around western skies. those will work their way through and we'll see plenty of bright sunshine today. temperatures across the region, 34 degrees here in the district. 35 up in baltimore. ocean city is at 40 degrees. out at dulles airport, it is 32 and in harrisonburg, it is 32 as well. forecast for today looks like this. plenty of sunshine but a cooler day after yesterday's high of 72. look for a high of 50 degrees today. that is the weather. we'll have more coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with julie wright. julie, we saw some cars moving through the tunnel. what is the latest there? >> we do have a couple of lanes open headed into the southbound third street tunnel as you travel from new york avenue leaving northeast this morning. better news for you guys there. there is an ongoing
an umbrella just in case but the good news is once this band of showers gets to the east of us, we should quiet down and we'll actually see a little sunshine break out later today. tony mentioned the cool temperatures. 41degrees right now at reagan national. there is your fog. your humidity, 100%. winds are out of the north and east at eight miles per hour. forecast gets a little better from here. we'll lose the shower activity. we'll get a little afternoon sunshine but we're not going to warm up. high temperatures mid- to upper 40s and with the wind out of the north at about 10 to 15, it will feel cooler than that. bring along a jacket or maybe even your winter coat today. >> it could feel closer to 30- degree weather in some areas. >> it will later tonight. more details on that in a minute. >> thank you, sir. >>> let's found out what is happening on the area roadways. >> good morning. on the roads right now we are talking about 66. that is where we've got the crash that occurred. if you are traveling eastbound this morning trying to work your way out of centreville, the accident activit
's evacuation zone as the u.s. sends in people to help. weome. and happy baconalia! baconalia? mm-hmm. why, it's the sacred festival of bacon. a celebration of baconian delight. come celebrate baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open. >>> the ohio legislature pass a bill severely limiting union rights for 350,000 public worker. that includes safety workers, teachers, nurses and government personnel. the bill allows unions to negotiate wages and certain job conditions but not health care, sick time or pension benefits. it replaces automatic pay increases with merit raises. it also prohibits strikes. the republican governor of ohio is expected to sign it into law. >>> in japan, nuclear safety fails say they are looking into reports that high levels of radiation are now in a village just 5 miles from a plant. it is outside the evacuation zone and we are learning of 155 marines from maryland heading to japan today. they are based at the indian head surface warfare cent are and are specifically trained to monitor radiation levels. the team will not
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22